Acne Introduces New Transvestite Collection

 Through the years the fashion world has seen numerous flashes of extravagant attire strut down the runway, from Alexander McQueen's innovative 'Ice Age' collection at Paris Fashion Week last year, to Vivienne Westwood's eccentric range of shoes which are now being shown in an exhibition!

However, the industry is about to accelerate the liberality of cloth with the introduction of fashionable transvestite apparel. The Swedish label, Acne are delving into the pool of controversial fashion and have since teamed up with Candy magazine. Their aim in is to launch a collection of clothing specifically targeted at transvestites and cross-dressers.

The publication's editor, Luis Venegas seems to have foundered a great working relationship with the Swedish Label. Acne's creative director, Jonny Johansson expressed his excitement with the collaboration:
 "We share an openness to new ideas and expressions, so to work with him felt natural from the start."

He continued:  "Luis' energy really reminds me of the energy we had when we started Acne." Therefore it is apparent that this revolutionary ambition will direct fashion to an entire new level.

The anticipated collection will behold a capsule of three androgynous shirts, made in both silk crepe and Italian denim; the styles will be available in two washes, bleached or stonewashed. Although it is a rather minimal assembly of transvestite apparel, it still remains an extremely bold and progressive step forward in the industry, as it will be a playful collaboration, mixed with a celebration of diversity.

By creating this modern and savvy collection, can it encourage the world to become more open-minded regarding the diversity of the human race? I believe fashion has the power to emphasise originality in personality; so perhaps in the near future, a lady dressed in a man's shirt will not be satirized and belittled, but in fact celebrated and respected. Watch this space!

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