MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 2011

Karl Lagerfeld may be getting older (probably a fact he doesn‘t like to be reminded of too often), but somehow his designs become more relevant, more appealing to that glamorous, Audrey Hepburn type that's inside all of us. This was apparent from his latest collection for Fendi, Spring/Summer 2011. The mood was sophisticated, with an emphasis on block bright colour teamed with quirky accessories such as sunglasses.

Some of the designs had a slight retro-inspired look, but mostly the designs were modern, with a new take on hemlines with a bubble type tapering. It was the colours of this collection that stood out also, bright blues, red, turquoise and purple were mixed with some milder shades of charcoal and beige.

There was a hint of a subtle repeat pattern strategically placed throughout, and apart from a touch of patent which came on a jacket, the rest of the collection had a feeling of minimalism when it came into the design aspect, but the bright colours and shapes made the looks memorable.

Karl Lagerfeld has done a good job - the collection points yet again to a sophisticated woman, but this is who Karl dresses best. It was bright and airy, but elegant and chic - a perfect equilibrium between overdone and minimalism, and the eye-catching accessories were simply ingenious.

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