MFW: Gucci Spring/Summer 2011

 Frida Giannini knows how to entice a woman and make them feel powerful. Perhaps Gucci have become a remarkably commercial label, but women are still snapping up Gucci designs year after year in a bid to look smart, confident and alluring - the Gucci woman.

With plunging necklines and splashes of colours such as a royal emerald green, as well as a rosy red lip, this collection oozed sex appeal. Tribal inspired dresses were the most conceptual element of the collection, but the notes of tribal were still quite subdued, apparent from the use of fringe, touches of metal, and slight patterns added to update an otherwise too obvious mini-dress. The addition of prim, sculptural metallics made this more modern, while the sultry and glamorous cuts oozed a chic simplicity - a classic glamour.

The contrasting colours used throughout were stark - from a full black outfit to a suddenly sharp safari inspired suit in citrus orange, purple and deep green. Highlighted with hints of gold, shoes, dresses and skirts were given gold bands tying each look together into a perfectly coordinating combination. The colourful shades made the collection summery, while the darker pieces seemed to be calling note to their womanly design and detail. Brightly coloured outfits draped in a feminine fashion, while darker pieces were more solid and daring. A few beige and tobacco coloured outfits played with simplistic tailoring.

It was a well rounded collection, with a something-for-everyone vibe - there was glamorous, feminine, futuristic, tribal, tailored and sexy. Somehow, even though the variation was vast, it came together, providing us with a mind jolt reminder of Gucci’s sex appeal that makes it so desirable.

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