MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 2011

 How does Miuccia Prada know what women want? Season after season, she pin-points a new idea and breathes new life into the fashion house.  It’s mysterious how she creates this precise and in-depth artistic vision - it must just be true skill. Already, (well, moments after the show) twitter was alive with positively about the Prada show. It was another one of those “she just nailed it” moments for Miuccia.

Bug-eyed sunglasses and blinding acid stripes set the modern, imaginative yet whimsical look, with a little touch of the 90’s in some patterns (banana themed!). Mixed in with bellowing black knee-length mini-dresses was an eye-boggling range of colourful, acid bright stripes in green, orange and yellow.

Accessories included wedged brogues and lace-up peep-toes with a sporty, striped wedge, as well as block coloured and striped bags, often added to what looked to be underneath, a more simple minimalist tan bag, as well as fur clutches, splashed with an underbelly of bright green. A few tailored block colour hunting jackets added nicely to neat but bright coloured skirts, while the clashing colours, prints and textures left your eyes both amazed and confused - it was all so much to take in, but precisely broken up with a flash of black, coming with the floaty dresses, in all the right places.

The collection was refreshingly anti-minimalist - the loud stripes, accessories and glasses all screamed out, but not in the same way that we saw at Gucci or Fendi  where jewel-tones were used, this was more in your face, more daringly artistic and audacious, and definitely one of my favourites so far.

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