Nicholas Kirkwood for the Keith Haring Foundation

Shoe design extraordinaire Nicholas Kirkwood has decided to team up with the Keith Haring Foundation to produce a limited edition shoe collection which is set for release in Feburary 2011. The graphic design element of each pair is taken from Keith Haring's work and has been incorporated into these startling, gravity defying shoes.

  Nicholas commented on the tribute to the late artist stating: “I watched this documentary called The Universe of Keith Haring, and though I know his style, I hadn’t seen the breadth of his work. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing and prolific he was and how great it would be to incorporate his graphics into my designs, so I ended up approaching the Keith Haring Foundation. I had to really sell them the product, but I think they’re pretty happy with the end result.”

Below is a look at four designs that Kirkwood has created for the collection, which will include 12 pairs of shoes in total.

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