NYFW: Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011

Perhaps the best way to sum up Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection lies in his own words: “..there's no black, not even a hint of black." No, really. Wang’s sudden pilgrimage away from the “hard, tough, aggressive, urban mood [he’s] become known for” meant muted colours all-round. Yes, Wang’s wares were awash with white. Whether it be rebellion or revolution, Wang certainly doesn’t do things by halves. Nonchalance encapsulated the collection, with his clothes possessing an informal, “thrown-on” quality. Necklines were the definition of plunging and sportswear undertones were present throughout, especially through the shorts/legging combination and metallic hooded jackets.. Asymmetry was in abundance through flaps, draping, ribbons and strips of bronze on trousers.

Jackets were kimono-style, and sheer white material provided modesty to white bodices. Flowing silk dresses gave the collection a feel of the ethereal-this was also prominent in hair and make up; the former being striped white and scraped back and the minimum latter having a sheen. Platformed and laced-up, the booties had a touch of utility about them [especially the ones in rust], and the colour accents of copper, silver and jade were muted and came in simple cuts. Wang produced a tousled take on purism and it seems that when it comes to spring/summer, white really is Wang’s new black.

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