Calvin Klein Ad Banned for Promoting Rape

While it might have been a great idea to get model-of-the-moment Lara Stone to pose in the latest Calvin Klein campaign, one image in particular, created for the Calvin Klein Jeans campaign has been banned in Australia. 
 The sexually charged photo in question depicts Lara Stone and three men, two of which are topless, while Lara appears to be naked except for a simple sting top. The promotional photo has received numerous complaints since its launch from advertising chiefs at Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau, who have stated that the photo suggests “rape and violence” and is “demeaning to women”. Other organisations have also complained, saying that Calvin Klein has hit a ‘dangerous new low”.

Although the image depicts what appears to be an orgy, the reason for the ban was that the photo glamoured rape and violence. The rest of the campaign shows Lara with various other men, but only ever with one man per photo, and this is the only photo which has been banned. Does the image really promote rape? Check out the banned photo below and let us know.


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