Cinematic Cinedyrom

 A few weeks ago, while sitting at my favorite Parisian cafe I had a revelation. I was sporting my newly bought oval sunglasses made by a seemingly ‘renowned’ Hungarian designer (so ‘renowned’ that his name is not even googeable) when it struck me: I was Holly Golightly. The next day while galavanting in an oversized vintage jacket crossing the Seine, I was Annie Hall. From elegant to androgynous, I was unknowingly channelling Old Hollywood glamour. As a result it became imperative to find a diagnosis for my sudden fashion transformation, and so, I discovered and self diagnosed the cause: Cinematic Cinedryom.

Cinematic Cinedyrom, as self defined, is the subconscious impulse to fleetingly live and dress like an iconic character or film star. Usually one is plagued by this stylish condition when confronted with fabulously chic Hitchcock and Donen films. It can also be referred to as a temporary identity crisis that can only be cured through one’s desire to accept reality. If any of these symptoms persist please embrace them.

For your viewing pleasure, attached are three concrete examples of how to catch Cinematic Cinedyrom and make it your own:

For cocktail wear, try modeling a metallic from head to toe like Audrey Hepburn's character, Joanna Wallace, who wears a Pacco Rabanne evening dress in Stanley Donen's Two for the Road. The more paillettes the better!

For an ordinary fall day in the park, throw on a bold jacket with a geometrical print and a refined pair of black gloves to not only look ravishing (and European) but to keep warm, like Ingrid Bergman's character, Alicia Huberman, in Hitchcock's Notorious.

And although most iconic film's wardrobes focus on opulent gowns and jewels, other films focus on simple costuming to illuminate their stars. Bridget Bardot's tormented character, Camille Javal, in Jean-Luc Godard's Contempt embodies 1960's Parisian flare, wearing classic printed tops, delicate cardigans, and tailored skirts.

So if you can't seem to rid yourself of Cinematic Cinedryom... there is only one thing to do. Accept it! After all, a little self appointed chicness never hurt anyone.

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