Feigning Fabulousness

Princess Grace Kelly rightly stated in Alfred Hitchcock’s, Rear Window, “if there's one thing I know, it's how to wear the proper clothes.” And that she did.

As a style icon and successful actress of the 1950s, Kelly was the emblem of elegance; wearing exquisite gowns created by Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and Dior. With her flare for style and her cinematic charm one wonders how such magnificence could be re-created in today’s world. Well thankfully, I have created a solution.

How to Feign Fabulousness:

A Guide to Inexpensive Elegance for Those Who Have Not Yet Won an Oscar (and who will most likely not win an Oscar) and for Those Who Are Not Yet a Princess of a Swanky Municipality.

Rule Number One:
A woman who triumphantly feigns fabulousness is a woman who showcases her waist. The hour glass shape will never go out of style. Therefore, one may look to online stores such as ASOS or Forever 21 for a modern and economical approach to elegance. These stores feature an array of charming skirts and dresses that will create a polished and romantic look like that of Princess Grace. For an evening look, try sporting all black. Gothic, perhaps, but nevertheless extraordinary. With a glamorous lace chapeau and a sexy pair of heels, any aspiring fashion maven will bring light to a dark ensemble.

Above clothing
ASOS Black Lace Dress: £58.00
Forever 21 Side Hair Clip: $8.80
Zara Black Shoes: $98.00

Rule Number Two:If you want to radiate vintage chic, you must buy chic vintage!
My number one source for all things vintage and cheap is Ebay. However, if you aren’t one for search words, try www.adorevintage.com for a nostalgic online shopping experience. There is a vast selection of garments needing a new (and physical) home. The dresses are a bit more expensive than that of the accessories but it is important to keep in mind that one must always say yes to any beautiful dress. A tasteful dress is a staple of sophistication and can be re-worn and even re-worked numerous times. To stand out, find a dress with an unusual pattern or color. The key to 50's flare is uniformity, don't be afraid to get matchy-matchy.

Above clothing (all from adorevintage)
Dress: $245
Cat Eye Glasses: $24
Feathered Hat: $68
Enid Collins Purse: $72

Rule Number Three:
Pearls and white gloves are essential for luncheons and romantic affairs. If you can’t afford the real deal and you aren’t an expert oyster diver... costume jewels will do. Topshop is a great store for low cost jewels ranging from £2 to £70 for an à la mode look; as for a snappy pair of evening gloves try your local costume store or a vintage market.

Above: Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. Photo taken from Rear Window (1954)

Rule Number Four:
It's all about the outerwear and not caring about what's underneath. Whether you are draped in faux fur (following in the footsteps of Chanel) or in a demure evening coat you will forever be the belle of the ball. Another benefit to this approach is that you can leave the house in your pajamas. Grace Kelly wore structural and cosmopolitan jackets that were both classic and modern. Here are a few examples of how you can re-invent this look, below:

Above coats
Green Adorevintage Peacoat: $128.00
Topshop Faux Fur Trim Jacket: £98.00
ASOS Equestrian Cape Coat: £ 80.00
Nordstrom Faux Leopard Fur Topper: $138.00

Who knows... if you can sucessfully follow all these tips, you may very well be the next (frugal) and fabulous, Princess of Monaco.

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