Graeme Armour: The One To Watch

From the streets of Glasgow, to the catwalks of New York, there is no question that this Central Saint Martins graduate is leaving a trail of inspirational breadcrumbs behind. In his (very envious) journey to the top, Armour has been snatched up by just about every leading name in the fashion industry, including affiliations with Karl Lagerfeld, Chloe and the late Alexander McQueen.

With a vision in one hand and Scottish Young Designer award in the other, the fresh young talent has finally broken out from the shadows of major fashion houses and ventured into the limelight independently, with his own collection that launched in 2009.

His childhood years were spent draping Barbie in self made hankie dresses, yet now he finds himself emerged in a celebrity fan base, including the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kate Bosworth and Lady Gaga. Transitioning from dressing plastic dolls to Hollywood stars in only his second season.

And what sets him apart from every other aspiring young designer? His attention to detail. Every crisp line, pleat and ruffle combines to accentuate structure and create impact. Designs that ooze originality and forward-thinking, concept-orientated creativity. For Armour, the feminine form is a blank canvas to portray strength and power. His garments are a sign of subtle ingenious, combining clean silhouettes and an organised mayhem of detailing. The vixens of the future, and Armour the creator. Graeme Armour is a name to remember, and a designer to admire.

AW 10

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