The Grunge Days.

Josh Beech and Ash Stymest. The new kids on the block, with presence infront of the camera and a grunge look to match. With tattooed male models a new wave that is taking over like the 90's Kate Moss "skinny look", it is hard to imagine the fresh faced male model look from only a few years ago.

More and more designers and photographers are opting for the "grunge boy" model. Replacing muscles with bones, and tanned skin with tattoos. So the big question is, why?

We know that fashion is constantly evolving...Companies constantly searching for that new look to set them apart from their competitors. The constant strive for originality and edginess. And this search for individuality is creating a whole new look in not only the look of fashion campaigns and editorials, but also the look of the models standing infront of the lens.

Fashion is raw and unforgiving, so finding a model that is just as definitively cool adds that whole vibe of being effortlessly edgy. Cashing in on the appeal to be individual. Whether you are a fan of the grunge look or not, you can't help but admire the unique individuality of being more than just a pretty face.

Images from Vogue Italia.
Models: Josh Beech, Ash Stymest.

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