Fall/Winter 2010 Trend: Mesh

 When it comes to the Italians and dress, perhaps it not all sharp cuts and immaculate taste in shoe; as Italian Vogue is predicting a sprinkle of spice to those traditional wardrobes. Is mesh the new black? From the classic stiletto to those leather gloves, mesh has made a splash in the fashion world. Diane Von Furstenberg has inserted her visualization into this enticing trend, with her creation of the mesh shoe. The pair admittedly denotes that conventional Italian appearance; with a thin heel and black gloss exterior; however, the shoe also accentuates a subtle hint of vivacity with the inclusion of the very becoming mesh design. 

The cutting edge Italian label Bottega Veneta; infamous for their craftsmanship in leather goods, has produced a delectably sophisticated mesh scarf. Whilst Versace contributes to the mesh frenzy with an effortlessly chic mesh vest. However, if these pieces are a little overwhelming for the traditional folk; Fannie Schiavone has created a unique and underrated twist on the trend; with her metallic silver, fingerless gloves.

Steering away from the field of seductive black, mesh is also wearable in a lighter colour palette. Delphine Wilson has produced an alluring mesh vest in cream. It's 1920's style appearance accentuates an additional strand to the trend; aiming for a more angelic, innocent image. Whilst designer Mark Fast has created a refreshing angle on the trend, with a girlish pink mesh dress.

However, a personal favourite has to be Nina Ricci's take on mesh; her glamorously flirtatious creation consists of a black mesh jersey with sleeves that flow into half gloves. I feel the feminine inclusion of black patterning across the neckline, forms an edge over other designers depictions of the trend.

Mark Fast

Diane Von Furstenberg

Bottega Veneta


Fannie Schiavone Delphine Wilson

Nina Ricci

So regardless of what is already gorged inside your wardrobes, to add a nibble of Italian sophistication, fashion is screaming the wonderful world of mesh!

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