Alexa Chung Lands 'Thrift America' TV Show

Alexa Chung has landed herself a new TV show alongside Maya Singer who is's editor of special projects. The show will be named ‘Trift America’ and will see Alexa and Maya travel to various American cities where they will visit "consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets for old clothing, furniture, music equipment and other potential treasures to use in various creative endeavors." 

The show will visit Orlando, Detroit, Nashville, Alabama, Brooklyn, as well as Paris and London. In the first episode of the show, Alexa will help out fashion designer Pamela Love creating a pop-up store for London fashion week. Maya Singer, who is also the series creator, says the new show will show the viewers “What does Alexa Chung pull out of the crap bin at the yard sale?”.

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  1. I LOVE Alexa Chung and am relieved Americans will know her as a household name now. We need more intelligent, cerebral, independently stylish women to rid ourselves of the Kardashian wannabes.

    While on one hand one can say, Alexa is not American and how would she know thrift here, the upper hand is that because she is not American, her perception will be fresh & curious and breathe new life into American fashion tv.


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