Elbowing for Elbaz

 What is pink and black and fought for all over? Alber Elbaz’s 2010 fall/winter Lanvin for H&M collection.
On November 23rd, I decided to see the phenomena first hand, when I lined up for several hours in Paris, France to get my very own and very discounted, Elbaz design. Therefore, I found it imperative to document such an experience.

Above: the staff clapping and directing the clients to the collection

The Lanvin for H&M process was as such:
5:40 a.m, I leave my flat to arrive at the Champs Elysees H&M store on what seems to be the coldest day, EVER. A crowd has already assembled and I begin to think of ways to distract myself for what I assume will be a very long morning (approximately three hours). Maybe they will surprise us with secret Lanvin gloves, scarves, or maybe even winter jackets? Mais non. C’est ne pas possible.

However, at 6:00 am, we are treated with the hor d'oeuvres. A croissant and un café to satisfy the hundreds of hungry and fashion crazed people. While we were waited upon by the friendly but somewhat over zealous H&M staff, I overheard French women and men (from ages 17-60) plot their plan of attack. Exclaiming that they would pretty much do anything for a lower priced Lanvin piece, however, most woman were more interested in the t-shirts than the dresses. Believing that the dresses were still overpriced.

At 6:20 am, I stood, freezing and embarrassed. I thought, is Lanvin really worth it? Well, of course it is, and so I braved the cold and was quickly debriefed by a very chic H&M employee. En francais, he explained that the first 80 people would receive a blue wristband and these would be the first group of people to go into the store. He continued to tell us that we had only 15 minutes to shop. I think the woman beside me almost fainted. 15 minutes, seriously? Okay. Now, the pressure was really on. Which dresses could I get my hands on? What if I don't find any floral shoes? These were the questions, sick, obsessive fashion thoughts, running through my head.

When 7:00 am came around, my passion for the Lanvin cause was slowly dwindling. Though, when several men left the store with hundreds of grey boxes carrying the collection, my addiction was immediately restored. The crowd was excited too, they began to push, pull, scratch, typical French behavior, but not so enjoyable early on a Tuesday morning. I wonder why people are so aggressive for semi affordable clothing?

Well, when 8:15 am struck, the fashion warrior in me was released. I was finally escorted, along with 20 other people into the store. I didn't know whether I should play it cool and do a casual walk to the collection or perhaps an intense jog. Instead, I compromised. I performed a mild sprint to the racks of clothing on the lower level. When I entered the room, in front of me were not only wonderful florals, an abundance of puffy sleeves and adorable accessories but vicious women knocking over anything and anyone to take home the collection. Shockingly (or maybe not so shockingly) I found myself doing the same. I was elbowing for Elbaz. I mean, after all, I did wait in the freezing cold I wanted some incentive aside from a croissant. Thankfully all my hard work and crazy behavior paid off as I managed to snag some tremendous pieces (the quality superb for the price).

But would you, did you, elbow for Elbaz? Is the collection Parisian chic or Parisian cheap? What do you think?

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