Gucci to Launch 3D Sunglasses

3D is the obsession du jour - so much so that Gucci are about to launch a brand new pair of glasses made specifically to look at all things 3D - just in case you were paranoid that you look daft in that wacky pair they provide for you in the cinema, here is probably the best reason to upgrade, Gucci style. 

The new glasses feature “optically-correct” 6-base curved lenses, which should decrease or “virtually eliminate” the crosstalk from the screen to your eyes. The glasses are optimized to be used in in Real D 3D screenings. The lenses are also kitted out with“multi-layer mirrored coating” which means that you can look at yourself in the mirror without seeing any distortion - ideal for those make-up touch-ups.

The glasses will arrive exclusively in Gucci boutiques just in time for you to snap up a pair for Christmas - and you can use these to take a peek at those 3D Vogue editorials wearing these too (Très chic, non?). A pair will set you back $225, below is a preview image of the 3D wonder glasses!

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