Kate Moss Un-Retouched for Self Service

 A vast amount of airbrushing, photoshopping and image editing has become the industry standard for published photographs, especially in fashion publications. This shoot, starring Kate Moss and captured by Juergen Teller, bucks this trend, as Teller opts to capture the veteran model in a bare state, without any makeup or retouching, in a natural homely environment. Photographed for Self Service #33, the set of photographs takes us inside Kate’s dreamy world, complete with a drop-top blue convertible, while Kate shows us around the house in a mix of fur coats and cut-offs in this authentic and personal shoot.

Model: Kate Moss
Photographer: Juergen Teller
Hair and makeup: Dick Page @ Jed Root NY.
Photographic assistance: Georg Rulffes
Photos from: Self Service #33

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  1. GORGEOUS!! I hope the beginning of a new trend


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