Where to Find The Perfect 'Weave'

 I have found the perfect weave. And no, I am not referring to Taylor Momsen’s ratty extensions. 

Paris’s best keep secret is Brykalski, a small store in the charming Village Saint Paul which sells hand-crafted straw jewelry, hats, purses, and headbands. All important items for the perfect Parisian lady in training.

I discovered this place a year ago when I moved to la ville des lumières: it is situated amongst several other eccentric boutiques selling all kinds of unique accessories. However, Brykalski manages to stand out, as its charming yet understated exterior radiates a certain whimsical fashion magic. The outside of the store is surrounded by trays of mixed jewelry ranging from 2 to 20 euro. The windows feature lavish wide-brim hats, perfect for a day at the races or for a picnic at the Champs de Mars.

Inside the store is the magician herself, Véronique, the store’s owner, a pleasant French woman who sits over a diminutive desk feverishly weaving her spectacular creations. Her work ranges from extremely colorful, to more subdued, classical French straw ornamentations. However, if you smile big and say s'il vous plaît, Véronique will re-create her elegant weaves to accommodate your style and taste. Keep in mind magicians take a while to work on their tricks and so, Véronique needs a couple of weeks to adjust her spell/ fill your custom order. 

This is an endearing shop that is situated in one of the most spectacular squares in Paris, a delightful spot that is not to be missed. Plus, there is a weave for everyone.

PS: don't forget to take a business card (each card is attached with a different piece of straw making them extra mignon)

Pictured above is my mom's white straw, Brykalski, necklace, layered with a necklace from Club Monaco

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