Allie Crandell is Excused from Revolve Modeling Gig

Revolve Clothing suspended Allie Crandell from her online modeling position with them after customers were commenting more on her small frame than the clothes themselves.

"We are working closely with both the model and her agent to get her to a healthier size. She won't be appearing in any of our new product batches or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed." —Revolve Clothing

It's refreshing to see that the Revolve Website acted on the concern of their customers, but it's also a little hypocritical, is it not? In my opinion, Allie is superskinny, possibly too skinny. But my question is—didn't they know that when they hired her? She's a doll, don't get me wrong, but anyone can tell how thin she is from looking at her.

Perhaps Revolve should have taken that into deeper consideration before they extended their modeling offer to her. And now they're dictating her weight, claiming it's "unhealthy." I think there would be no controversy had there been no e-commerce backlash. Allie needs to seek help and get back in the game. And maybe Revolve needs to think before they hire models, instead of picking them then holding them completely reprehensible when the company, too, is to blame.

What do you guys think?

photo via Revolve
Allie Crandell in BCBG Max Azria

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  1. I think Crandell makes a fine model. Some people are naturally built skinny and have no eating disorder, even when parts of their body may look odd to "average sized" people.

    Each model has his or her own elements of beauty, whether they are the "ideal" figure, skinny, or plus sized. Rather than label skinny models as "unhealthy", society should instead be more educated about what kind of body is healthy in reality, including people who are naturally skinny. Society really needs to understand that being that skinny is not a bad thing, as long as it isn't an unnatural state your body changed to.

    In saying this, I don't mean to say that skinny models should be the "ideal" in fashion, but there are always going to be eating disorders, no matter who is on the magazine cover. Society and the fashion industry should welcome variety and respect all heathy body types, instead of banning a certain type because of a negative common perception.

    Designers should be able to choose models with the look of their choice (all healthy models) depending on what kind of aesthetic appearance they seek to portray with their garments, which are often works of art.

  2. Thank you for your feedback, Lilly. I completely agree. I think designers should showcase all types of women with varying figures and bodytypes— because that's what beauty really is. It's not just one type of woman or model that should be considered "ideal," because real women are all different shapes and sizes, models should be, as well.

  3. though i don't think anyone really care....
    she is back on revolve clothing site, skinny as usual, so yeah i think revolve clothing is very hypocritic, both to their customers and those models they use.


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