Barbara I Gongini

Returning home to Canada for the Holiday season often requires packing of warm and cosy clothing to protect one from the never-ending snow. However, there are different interpretations of how one dresses to battle the winter months. 
Upon arriving home, I was greeted by my mom who has her own interpretation of keeping toasty.

Why wear a pair of UGGS when you can wear a pair of Barbara I Gongini braided wedges? Shoes that not only intrigue but also are reminiscent of what I can only assume a Yehti’s (who undoubtedly is inspired by Rick Owens) shoe collection would resemble.
Braided Wedges, pictured above. Available at, $398.

All kidding aside, these thermal kicks are a piece of art, similar to most pieces created by Danish designer, Barbara Gongini who takes a gothic twist on everyday garments.

Check out some of her collection below, what do you think?

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