Carine Roitfeld Leaves Vogue Paris

Vogue Paris have just announced via facebook that their editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld will be leaving the magazine within a matter of weeks. Roitfeld has been the editor of the magazine for the last 10 years. According to Vogue Paris, the famous French editor will begin to work on personal projects that are 'close to her heart'. Chairman of Conde Nast Jonathan Newhouse said about the sad departure [translated from French]: "Carine has marked the history of Paris Vogue with her incredible talent as a stylist and editor. She will be missed."

Although this is surely not the end for the renowned editor and stylist, who has completely revamped and altered the look of Vogue Paris over her last 10 years with the magazine, it will leave the magazine with a big position to fill - who will take  Carine's place? Roitfeld has worked closely with some of the world's finest fashion photographers including Mario Testino and Terry Richardson, and the editor also frequently styles many of Vogue Paris' shoots herself.

Roitfeld is the heart of Vogue Paris - she has single-handedly crafted the magazine to give it the edge and pizazz it needs to remain one of the leading fashion publications in the world. Unafraid of controversy, Carine has filled the pages of the publication with sometimes shocking, edgy content that leaves the reader feeling that fashion really can be a boundary breaker.

Good luck to Carine, and her future endeavors - and let's hope whoever fills her shoes can exude the same playful  spark and unrivaled talent when it comes to piecing together this awe-inspiring publication.

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