Is Elegance Dead?

With a new year approaching, I can’t help but wonder about a new year of fashion. Though the world of design is ever changing and always inspiring, there is perhaps something missing in the way we currently see and approach style.
Above: Audrey Hepburn in the film, Sabrina, wearing Givenchy
Looking at films made in the 1950‘s one is able to distinguish a definite fashion evolution. In Sabrina (1954), the film focuses on two mens fight for one woman’s affection. Though is it really Audrey Hepburn’s character, Sabrina, that has the two brothers quarreling or is it the très magnifique designs of Hubert Givenchy that sparks their fancy? Never have I ever been so entranced by garments on screen. Givenchy’s flair for beauty and elegance is one almost unparalleled in today’s fashion realm. Which begs the question, is elegance dead?

Ricardo Tisci, a London Central Saint Martins grad, is certainly qualified as the creative director for Givenchy but does his gothic touch reject the ideals in which the fashion house was built?

Fashion has embraced a world of darkness, designers construct their garments to reflect not modern day elegance but modern day grunge, they create languid pieces that understate the figure as oppose to accentuate it. Popular media icons are seen across the globe wearing an array of bold and busy prints, jackets filled with multitudes of chains, shoes dangerously adorned with spikes but still, we follow these trends.

Above: Ricardo Tisci's latest collection for Givenchy
Maybe we rely too much on current inspiration, however, with the new year approaching it is important to move forward. Although, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to take a look back into the past and determine when elegance will come back into style.

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