Christian Dior Spring 2011 Haute Couture

 The Christian Dior Spring 2011 haute couture show opened with house favourite Karlie Kloss, teetering out in on a red-tinged  catwalk while showing off the first design: a bellowing A-line coat with a gradual fade from red to black, lined with layers of black mesh to bulk it out dramatically. The coat was paired with a grey feathery scarf and a tall swan-like headpiece, as well as white opaque tights and black patent heels. 

John Galliano’s previous haute couture collection for the fashion house was clearly inspired by blossoming flowers, and it was apparent that the designer still hasn’t left this idea behind with a few sparing but dramatic references to flowers peppered throughout. As per usual, Galliano evoked a sense of classic glamour - taken perhaps partially from a sort of 1950’s Hollywood idea, and mixed in with other gentle Parisian references. Each bellowing gown was a complete mavel - from awe-inspiring balloon hemmed dresses to skirts reaching a whole new level of grandeur, complexly composed of many layers to keep it aloft.

Fashion needs haute couture, purely to have a good reason to go above and beyond just mere practicality when it comes to clothing design - and as each theatrical piece spilled down the runway, we were treated to another unbelievable sight that seamlessly melded Galliano’s vision of beauty, exquisite workmanship and fantastical inspiration in to a single coherent vision of astonishing fashion.

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