Hedi Slimane: The Photography

Hedi Slimane usually takes photographs in black & white. Not for that vintage, old school quality that black and white usually lends a photograph, but because he twists it around, making it perpetually elegant, dark and beautiful, and then there is those rare times when he does use colour, and it comes as almost a shock to the senses after viewing so much of his other work.

The Parisian mastermind is perhaps best known in the fashion world for his design work at Dior Homme (we can credit him for slim-fitting suits, now a staple in any man’s wardrobe worth mentioning), but his photography work, as well as his video projects are awe-inspiring homages to the youthful, energetic and alternative figures that are clearly a part of his burgeoning inspiration. An inspiration which he has put on show in his regularly updated photography diary, and which can also be seen through his youtube channel.

Hedi’s work is passionate, thoughtful and creative, somehow each photo manages to peer deep in to the spirit of the subject and bring an element of their personality to the fore, making for a touching and deeply personal end result. Below are a few photos I’ve collection that exemplify his signature photographic style - albeit just a few of his best.

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