Inside Pop Africana Issues 1 & 2

As a European, whose mother grew up in South Africa, I was acutely aware from a young age that there was much more to Africa than the media portrayed images of wide-eyed babies suffering from malnourishment. Africa is a constant source of stylistic inspiration, from the Ndebele people's zig-zag wall motifs to modern African fashion design which has been inspired by traditional clothing (from designers such as Korto Momolu) there is beyond a myriad of people, places and sources for inspiration in the vast, changing continent that has now provided us with Pop Africana, a celebration of African style. According to their website, they will be "delivering a rejuvenated image of Africans wordwide".

The magazine has already published their first issue, and the second is already available for pre-order (it's limited editon). The magazine has so far featured photography by the likes of Owen Bruce and Jamie Nelson and shoots that include beautiful African models such as Gaye McDonald and Ajak Den. This magazine, which was launched by Oroma Elewa is now serving as a go-to African fashion bible, with an awe-inspiring glimpse at what Africa really has to offer us when it comes to style - imagination, colour, and boundless creativity all somewhat linked to the rich past of the continent as a whole. Check out the Pop Africana website here for more details, below is a look inside issues 1 & 2.

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