Raquel Zimmermann For Juergen Teller 'Paradis' Exhibition

Courtesy of Vogue Italia, here is an inside glimpse of photographer Juergen Teller's latest work. Juergen teamed up with gallerist Johann König, for a solo exhibition titled Paradis which will be held at the Berlin-based Johann König Gallery. The exhibition also involved model Raquel Zimmermann & actress Charlotte Rampling who posed nude in an after-hours photo shoot at the Louvre.

Johann, the owner of the gallery which hold the exhibit told Vogue about his friendship with Teller: "Funny story,we met," intervened Teller, "when I took his picture for a Russian magazine. The woman who commissioned the story went to jail, the image was never published, but we stayed friends." 

Teller commented on the surprising shoot which he didn't believe would be able to happen at the Louvre: "I got a phone call from the publisher of Paradis, and he said, “Hey, what do you think, do you want to do some pictures, some nudes, at the Louvre?” And I said, “Yeah right. That’s gonna happen. Put the phone down.” It was never gonna happen, right? The next day, he asked, “Have you thought about who you want to take to the Louvre?” I really thought it was a joke. I said, “That’s not gonna happen.” And he said to me, “There’s just one good thing about getting older: you get connections.”

Juergen Teller
Through January 29, 2011
Johann König Gallery
Berlin, Germany


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