Designer to Watch: Chau Har Lee

Surrounded by innumerable shoes in London's newly revamped Selfridges shoe department, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Though, as I wasted most of my day searching for the ultimate piece of footwear I quickly became disillusioned. After a while, the shoes, similar to jelly beans and lollipops, all tasted the same. Nothing stood out. Sure, the McQueen shoes were extraordinary, the Kirkwoods undeniably chic, but there was nothing innovative, nothing that radiated magnificence. Until, I spotted a metallic masterpiece lurking behind the store counter.

This was the absolute jaw breaker: a pair of conceptually delicious, avant-garde heels, created by London based designer, Chau Har Lee. Immediately, I lunged at the salesperson, questioning her wildly about London's newest flavor. Ms. Lee is a young Chinese designer who studied architecture before completing her MA at the Royal College of Art. Chau decided that instead of designing buildings to support people, she would use her knowledge to design shoes that would support feet! At 1600 £, her shoes are not cheap. But Chau is an architect, an artiste, thus, buying her work is an investment for the most sophisticated of shoe collectors.

Are Chau Har Lee's shoes sweeter than candy?

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  1. Oh lord!I am a FASHION FREAK but this feels so High Technology, not my style! Haha! LOVE.


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