Andrej Pejic: " I Cover More Fields" Than Lea T.

Male model Andrej Pejic, whose feminine looks have led to him popping up at womenswear shows and in fashion magazines dressed in woman's clothing, believes that he is different from transsexual model Lea T, because he is able to do much more. Andrej recently closed Jean Paul Gaultier's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 show in a wedding dress, and again made an appearance for the designer at his Autumn/Winter 2011 show. Andrej believes that he is much more versatile than Lea because he does both womenswear and menswear:

Andrej at Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2011
"When it comes to our professional lives, well she only does womenswear and I think I cover more fields, some people in the industry will use us in a very similar way to represent similar ideas and some will want me to be a bit different from her - more androgynous, more boyish or even sex-less rather than womanly. I think professionally I am capable of being very versatile." 

Andrej comments that he has been really surprised with all of the attention he has been receiving:

"I think the media storm is very surprising since models don't really get so much attention these days, so I guess it has gone beyond just the fashion industry or any model ranking, which is nice because it's offering me a wide array of opportunities. But sometimes I do just have to stop and hit myself in the head with my diamond-encrusted vase." 

 Is Andrej's career just beginning? Or is this simply a fad that won't last long? Perhaps his diamond-encrusted vase contains the answer.


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