Anna Dello Russo: "Sometimes I Feel Ridiculous"

Anna Dello Russo, editor of Vogue Nippon, may be known for her outlandish, attention-grabbing style, but even she admits she feels a little bit silly sometimes. Recently, the star has taken up wearing fruit-inspired headpieces, as well as her usual eclectic mix of designer mini-dresses and sunglasses. Anna commented on one such headpiece that definitely makes her feel "ridiculous" while she is wearing it - a watermelon-inspired design by  Alan Journo. Anna commented:   "Sometimes I feel ridiculous, but it's in a good way. Like the watermelon [headpiece], I love that. It's such an Italian touch of humor." 

Anna also commented that she believes that working in fashion, it is important to first dress herself up: "It's my first job to make myself up. I style myself like I style a model. You should put your passion on yourself before translating to other people."

The editor stated that her overflowing wardrobe isn't a result of gifted items - she buys all of her clothes. She believes it's important to dress the part, so that people believe she is a fashion-forward person - she explains: "It's a job, but on me. It's like going to the dentist — if you go to the dentist and the dentist doesn't have beautiful white teeth . . . then how good is he?" Check out a few of Anna's style snaps below!

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