John Galliano's Accuser Defends Him

John Galliano is reportedly in a rehab center named The Meadows in Arizona (where Kate Moss went back in 2005), but the story from the night which cost him his job at Christian Dior continues to unravel. Now, one of the people who is accusing him, Philipe Virgitti (read the full story here) has decided to defend the designer. The man believes that Galliano is not a racist, and that he is simply "ill". Perhaps he feels somewhat sorry that what started as a bar fight, has escalated in to Galliano's public humiliation, and has led to him losing his job which he held for 15 years prior to the incident. Virgitti stated:

John Galliano at Christian Dior S/S 2011
"For me it was a simple bar dispute, we were having a beer when he sat beside us. He got aggressive, turned to my friend and said 'Your voice is annoying me, you're speaking too loudly'."

Virgitti was then asked if Galliano made the alleged anti-semitic remarks: "Yes, although I'm not convinced now that he really meant them. I don't think he is racist or anti-Semitic. I just think he's very ill."

According to The Times, Virgitti even went on to say that Galliano doesn't deserve what has happened to him over the course of the last few weeks as a result of the incident: "John Galliano does not deserve this, I would like Mr Galliano to benefit from this unhappy story by drinking a little less and getting back to making the dresses and shows that he did so well."

Galliano's lawyer, Stephane Zerbib has also defended the designer, recently commenting: "It could happen to any one of us. Anyone can go to a bar, drink a little and get into a fight with someone, you're very vulnerable when you're in this state. People who don't know the case can afford to say things and they all have opinions. It's easy to talk, criticise, be appalled. But these people don't know what really happened."

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