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24-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen and her twin sister Ashley have evolved from cutesy tween duo to sophisticated, business-orientated women, who now successfully run two fashion labels (Elizabeth and James, The Row) as well as balance a career of film work. Although Ashley hasn't appeared in a film since 2004, instead concentrating on her fashion design career, Mary-Kate continues to act (Beastly and Story of a Girl are both due out this year). Both girls have become known for their signature style, while Mary-Kate's style alone coined the word 'boho' to describe it. Lovers of fashion are often divided by their often extreme looking fashion choices - but isn't that the point of being avant garde and original?

While Ashley's style is more tailored and formal, Mary-Kate has adopted slouchy layers, oversized sunglasses and dark cocktail dresses. She once famously struggled with anorexia, and is now a coffee-chugging, cigarette-smoking fashion mogul whose nonchalant dress-sense has garnered a large group of followers - it seamlessly blends grunge, vintage and current fashion in to a strange cohesive mess that just works.

Vintage Herm├ęs Birkins to a side, Mary-Kate's style seems to change constantly, but always maintains a feeling of being carefree, while somehow exuding classiness. She purposefully batters her Balenciaga bags, clads her fingers in armour-like rings and doesn't bother brushing her hair - all because it completes her vision which could be most simply described as 'a homeless person meets Bianca Jagger circa the 1970's', and if that thought makes your head brim over with ideas, your half way to getting it.

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  1. she is truly granted with the luck of looking effortless in different arrays of garments. fashionable


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