Carine Roitfeld May be About to Launch Her Own Label

 When she first left Vogue Paris, there was whispers that Carine Roitfeld may make the move to become a designer, and now it looks as though those rumors could be true. Model and jewellery designer Amber Atherton tweeted a photo during the weekend which raised suspicions - a photograph of what appeared to be a mesh style vest with a 'Carine Roitfeld' label and tag. She tweeted along with the picture, joking: "Carine Roitfeld's new womenswear label?! or just an odd [Hong Kong] label mishap?!" - is this a piece from Carine's first collection?

During the weekend, V editor Derek Blasberg also took to Twitter to tweet a photo of Carine at The Wolseley in London, where she was seen along with hairstylist Luigi Murenu and photographer Iango Henzi. It is reported that Carine may have been working with them to create the lookbook for her first collection, but as of yet, she hasn't confirmed anything. She is also rumored to be working alongside the chosen designer at Dior as a consultant and stylist, but again, nothing confirmed as of yet - watch this space!

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