Jason Wu Launches Nail Polish Collection

For the last 8 seasons, Creative Nail Design has been working with Jason Wu, creating custom and coordinating nail polishes for the designer to use on his models for his catwalk shows. Now, Wu has decided to launch a collection of nail polishes in collaboration with CND.  'The Jason Wu Collection' features 5 sultry nail polishes which come together in a limited edition pack. The five shades (including a top coat)  range in colour from a light grey to violet, and each polish has been given a girl's name. The five shades are:

'Miss Wu' - warm gray 
'Brigitte' - Park Avenue pink
'Sophia' - understated mushroom taupe
'Veronica' - a blue-hued, oxblood red
'Anna' - topcoat which gives a subtle, textured tweed-like finish


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