Vogue Italia Launch Campaign to Stop Pro-Anorexic Websites

Vogue Italia have launched a new campaign to close down the rising number of pro-anorexic websites which continue to promote the eating disorder as a lifestyle choice. The magazine aims to collect signatures against these websites, with the aim of ultimately closing them down. Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia has launched the campaign to turn the tables on the idea that fashion promotes anorexia by launching a campaign to close down those who do. 

Spanish model Esther CaƱadas has teamed up with Vogue Italia for the campaign, commenting that she believes that pro-anorexic websites are seriously damaging and unhealthy:

"The pro-anorexia sites are severely damaging the health of people, projecting an ideal of life destroyed and a sick concept of beauty. These sites are hitting innocent people who feel justified, protected and supported by these dangerous reality. These are lies. These are just lies. You have to believe what you say the people you care about (and who love you) and your common sense. " 

According to Vogue Italia, research published in the American Journal of Public Health, found in the [online] diaries/blogs that 80% of pro-ana sites are equipped with interactive applications (such as heat meters), 85% post photos of skeletal women to inspire them (called thinspiration), 83% gives tips on how to lose weight quickly and engage the lens to have total control of your body to get to 45 pounds or less. 

To sign Vogue Italia's petition click here.


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