Alexa Chung Wants to Launch Her Own Label

Alexa Chung has already had a foray into designing clothing with her Madewell collaboration which will return again this Autumn, and now the British style icon has commented that she'd love to launch her own label and believes it will happen for her eventually. Alexa said: "What I really want to do is make things. I want to learn that whole process of design so I can have my own label and my own studio with awesome music and all my friends around." She continued: "God, that would be so great. I've done some visualisation around it. It works, that. I remember when I was little, I used to say to my mum, OK, this will happen, and you know what? It always did."

Alexa also told Vogue UK (see her in this month's issue here) that she often had low self-esteem as a teen and took comments to heart:

"God, did I have low self-esteem then. It had always been my mantra, at school, that as soon as I worried about putting on weight, I had to stop worrying. But, you know, you'd overhear an agent and then they'd call you into a room and tell you to tone up, which in retrospect I probably did need to do, but it's not what you want to hear as a teenager and not loving life."

Inside the issue, Alexa also spoke on blogs, stating that she doesn't really get the appeal: “they’re just mood boards- unless you’re Tavi”.


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