Carine Roitfeld Speaks on Life After Vogue Paris

Emmanuelle Alt has been the editor of Vogue Paris for three issues now, and ex-editor, Carine Roitfeld has been filling her time with new projects and ideas. In an recent interview, Carine speaks about her life now, saying that things are more simple and easy without having to go through assistants to get what you want: ‘It’s funny, everything is so much easier when you do it yourself.’ She also says that her departure from Vogue Paris made her realize how the public perceive her: ‘I was very surprised to learn that a lot of people were scared of me because they thought that I was tough and mean. I am not mean at all, I am not tough at all.’

Carine also says that she believes fashion shows aren't as fun anymore and that people are more interested in what people are wearing than what they see on the catwalk:  ‘It’s less fun than it was 10 years ago. I liked the times when people were more crazy about fashion, they tried hard with the clothes they wore, they were so excited it was like the royal wedding—they could sleep outside the show.’'

She says that now, people are less concerned about the show: 'Some people are more interested in what stylists are wearing to the show than in the show itself.’ Carine never used to carry a bag when she was as editor because she felt it added too much clutter to her outfit, but now she is using an Alexander McQueen bag that she loves:  ‘I have discovered how useful it is to carry a book, perfume, agenda,’ she said. ‘It’s a new life.’

Carine is reportedly working on launching her own label (read about it here) and has also penned a 400-page book  named Irreverent which will land on October 4th this year (it's available to pre-order on Amazon here).

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