Chanel Autumn/Winter 2011 Accessories

While many other Parisian fashion houses are facing a time of change, Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld is quickly becoming one of the remaining constants in French fashion. Chanel has also managed to avoid the drama and uncertainty that is currently being felt at labels such as Balmain, Christian Dior, John Galliano and ChloƩ. For the Autumn/Winter 2011 season, which was almost overshadowed by Galliano's removal at Dior, Chanel stood firm, and almost ironically, Karl Lagerfeld announced that "the world is a dark place."

The Chanel Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was inspired by dark volcanic matter, scorched surfaces and an imagined apocalypse. With dramatic gothy ensembles came the accessories that rounded off each look: a  pair of flat androgynous black army boots, black pointed mid-heels and a textured pair of white and black square heel stilettos. A dark enamel looking bracelet displayed the usual interlocking 'CC's with twisted gold and jewel embellishment as well as one embellished floral black broach with deep green jewels that added some opulence to the dark outfits.

The bags were vintage inspired, with several new varieties of the classic Chanel chain bag and 2.55. Coming in white, dark brown with a mahogany coloured frame and a peachy red, the purses stuck to the classic Chanel template with a few subtle new touches added to the polished gold hardware or quilted leather. Chanel never changes, it revitalizes and renews, and is a light in the "dark place" in the fashion world right now.


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