John Galliano is Suing His Former Lawyer

The plot thickens: John Galliano is now suing his former lawyer Stephane Zerbib. Galliano recently fired Zerbib after some abnormalities were found in Zerbib's accounting practices (see the full story here). Galliano is suing Zerbib for taking company funds which were entrusted to him in 2010. Galliano put Zerbib in charge of a company which looks after revenue from image rights as well as Galliano's Dior work - Zerbib quit the position in February this year. The New York Post reports the following: 

The lawsuit alleges that Galliano discovered multiple payments to the lawyer, including cash withdrawals near Zerbib's office using the company's card, on one occasion up to seven times a day. Zerbib denied the allegations, saying that Galliano would be better off saving his fire for his trial.

Galliano is set to make his first court appearance on May 12th in Paris where he will need to provide proof that he is  not an anti-Semite. Zerbib is also planning to counter-sue Galliano for defamation following the suit against him.

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