John Galliano Responds to Being Counter-Sued

Speaking exclusively to Vogue UK, John Galliano's spokesperson has released a statement on the news that Galliano will be counter-sued by his lawyer Stéphane Zerbib who he recently fired after some finances were lost which Zerbib was previously accountable for (read the story here). After Galliano decided to sue Zerbib, his former lawyer decided to counter-sue, citing defamation.

According to Galliano's rep, the fallen designer is currently concentrating on his recovery and stated that it is a "huge blow" to the designer who is set to appear on court on prior anti-semitic charges on May 12th in Paris. His rep commented:

"Sadly we are part of a litigious society, these latest developments are all a huge blow to Mr Galliano; to discover a trusted 'friend' has been abusing his position over a number of years is such a disappointment - but Mr Galliano needs to continue to focus on his rehab and recovery and his team cannot be distracted by Mr Zerbib's noise when there is legal defence to prepare. Officially there is 'no comment' as this is now in the hands of Mr Galliano's new criminal lawyer Aurélien Hamelle at Metzner associates in Paris."

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