UK Burka Ban?

Recent happenings have caused us British believers of freedom in expression to stop and think about whether the harsh ban on burkas in France is actually the way forward.

The debate started when crudely censored advertisements around London started appearing, allegedly defaced by Islamic extremists.

The two images above show examples of the vandalism that's been happening around London. The harmless H&M campaigns originally showed English women in bikinis, showing off H&M's summer range, however what's left of these uplifting images is a mass of violent black which chills to the bone.

Alongside these disgusting acts, there are reports of women who are actually being threatened for refusing to wear a headscarf or burka, part of the Islamic dress, sometimes to the extent of death threats.

England is a place of expression through clothing. We are passionate about fashion and take pride in British style. If those who demand the right to cover up start telling others who don't live by the same lifestyle that they can't wear a bikini, it is likely that they will only push the UK towards a burka ban.

What are your thoughts?

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