Anja Rubik & Peter Dundas Speak on Wedding Dress Design

When Polish model Anja Rubik got engaged to fellow model Sasha Knezevic, she turned to her close friend for many years, Peter Dundas, who designs for Emilio Pucci, to help her create her dream wedding dress. In a new interview with, Anja and Peter speak about their close relationship and how the dress design in shaping up for the big day. Speaking on Peter's designs, Anja believes he knows how to make a woman look her best: "he understands a woman’s body and underlines what’s best in it." while Peter says that Anja is "a perfect mix of beautiful, sexy, and rock ‘n’ roll" on the catwalk. Below is the interview, courtesy of Style.

When did you two meet?
Anja Rubik: We met many years ago when Peter was still at Cavalli.

Peter, you cast Anja frequently in your shows. What does she bring to the catwalk?
Peter Dundas: I have used Anja in shows since I designed for Ungaro. She is one of my absolute favorite models—a perfect mix of beautiful, sexy, and rock ‘n’ roll. She is also someone extremely friendly and fun to hang out with so it was natural for me to choose her whenever I had official events with a Pucci Girl.

And Anja, why did you ask Peter in particular to design your wedding gown?

AR: Peter is an excellent designer; he makes women look beautiful, sexy, and cool! He understands a woman’s body and underlines what’s best in it. I asked him to do my dress because l love his rock ‘n’ roll chic, bohemian style. He is also a great guy to hang out with, so my dress fittings are fun!

Did you have an idea of the design you wanted when you started?
AR: I asked Peter to design the dress based on a few of his previous looks that I loved, then he sketched a couple designs and we tweaked them together and added a few new ideas. We have a meeting next week to fit and choose the final lace.
PD: It’s funny, because we both had the same silhouette in mind. I have to say that it’s been surprising what a sharp eye she has. I may have to keep her as an assistant after this.

Peter, how do you think about a wedding dress differently from one destined for the red carpet?

PD: I think with a wedding dress it’s all about the bride, whereas for a classic red-carpet moment I channel her inner Pucci Girl. A wedding dress should reflect the wearer’s personality, make her the absolute best-looking she can be. Either way, in Pucci she should feel like the only girl in the world.

Do you have any favorite wedding dresses?
PD: My absolute favorite wedding dress is Bianca Jagger’s white skirtsuit—a real rock ‘n’ roll moment. I have to say, my mom looked pretty amazing, too.

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