Inside Coco Rocha's Manhattan Apartment

 Canadian model Coco Rocha now calls Gramercy Park, a private area located in Manhattan, New York, home. Coco lives with her husband, James Conran in the apartment which she has playfully decorated with vintage furniture, old paintings and custom pieces collected from her travels. Speaking on her wardrobe space, Coco says that she got someone to build it for her to make it just the way she wanted: “I had a company come in to build my closet, there were a few things that were important to me, like drawers for my jewelry, a shoe area, a makeup counter, and plenty of space to put my clothes.”

 Her study windowsill is lined with books, miscellaneous coloured bottles and busts. More of these trinkets line the shelves of the study, each meticulously laid out and coordinated - a mixture of old teapots, lamps and tins. Coco says: “These teapots are from all the different places I have been to for photo shoots—from Morocco to Michigan, it was James’s idea to cover the books in old newspaper, and one of the books is actually wrapped in a paper from June 1911, which is almost 100 years before our wedding date.”

In her bedroom, an enlarged photo of Coco sits inside a gold ornate frame - a present from photographer Steven Meisel: “This photograph is a wedding present from Steven Meisel, I’ve never liked hanging my model photos in my home, but this is an exception because it almost looks like a painting.”


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