Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 Collection

The Louis Vuitton Resort 2012 collection isn't that Louis Vuitton-ish. It might be because Marc Jacobs enlisted Sofia Coppola to collaborate with Louis Vuitton design director Julie de Libran for the collection, and there is certainly a sense of new blood in the creations - a slight twist courtesy of the 'Somewhere' director. Commenting on the collaboration, Coppola said that she found she has quite similar taste to Julie: "Julie and I are friends, we like the same things, jewelry, little dresses. I chimed in with things that I wanted to have, and she was open to that."

Sofia has also known Marc for 20 years, so its as though he has handed the reins to two of his most trusted.
Modelled by Arizona Muse (no sign of the young models he employed for the Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign), the collection showed poolside at the luxurious  Four Seasons in New York, where they rolled out a green grassy catwalk especially for Muse. With eye-popping prints, an obvious Parisian inspired influence and punchy accessories, the collection mixed casual, slouchy shirt-style jumpsuits with  the elegance of the two-piece evening suit, not forgetting some wide-spanning skirts, cropped printed jackets and not forgetting those Vespa helmets!  

Yes, there was a lot of references, but Muse willed each one a new character and posed perfectly, giving each look its own identity. Like a curtain call for some stylish musical (or perhaps a Coppola film?) each outfit melded cohesively while having its own personality - mixing playful with sophisticated, Parisian glamour with down-town chic - perhaps it wasn't quite as Louis Vuitton-ish as usual, but that might have been in its favour for once.

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