Model Sighting: Lily Cole

 Former model Lily Cole was spotted en route to the Cambridge University Senate House. The British beauty has been taking a break from her modeling career to study (History of Art at the University of Cambridge) and is also working on furthering her career as an actress. Lily did say in a recent interview that her time as a model gave her "a lot of self confidence, which I didn’t have in the past" and has not said she won't return to modeling in the future. For now, she seems to have returned to her natural, signature hair colour (she dyed it black recently) and was seen wearing a large floppy orange hat, sunglasses and denim shorts, as well as simple black flats. Lily's career as an actress is continuing to reach new heights - you can catch her in the film There Be Dragons which was released on May 6th this year, as well as the upcoming The Moth Diaries film which is due to be released shortly.


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