Street Style: Anja Rubik [Part 2]

Anja Rubik's street style always stands out. There is something timelessly  elegant, original and attention-grabbing about her outfits which makes her style one of the most exciting to observe. From long, flowing maxi-skirts that she teams up with tailored jackets, or tiny hot-pants combined with military style shirts, Anja's unique style is one of a kind. She often goes monochromatic with her choices, dressed in sleek black tailoring perhaps perked up with a splash of green. From time to time, she adds the occasional pair of printed trousers or a colourful dress which always looks flawless against her deep bronze tan. Anja's towering stature makes it easy for her to make everything look goddess-like, not forgetting her changing blonde bob which accentuates each look. If you missed part 1 of her street style, you can see it here.


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