8 Tips for Applying Dramatic Mascara

 When faced with having to do a quick face of makeup, most women go straight for their mascara. The eyes are the most focused-on part of your face, and having long, sultry eyelashes is the key to any makeup look. With that in mind, here are some top tips for getting the most out of your lashes, so they can look awake, sexy and you can flicker then seductively at a moments notice. 

1. Use an Eyelash Curler: the foundation you build on before you apply mascara is important - try warming your curlers with a hairdryer for just a few moments before you curl your lashes to make the curl last even longer.

2. Bend the Wand: flex the wand to make sure you reach the inner and outer lashes, and use the wand at a right angle for an extra steady focused sweep upwards, flicking the wand off to the right at the end of application adds drama.

3. Zig-Zag: zig-zagging the wand and then blinking downwards will ensure a clump-free, powerful application.

4. Coating: a few coats of mascara will give you more thickness and an extra defined look - but don't wait for the mascara to dry before you add a new coat - this will only result in clumping.

5. Comb: use a clean lash comb to separate lashes while your mascara is still wet - this will remove any clumps and add extra length, applying the mascara evenly.

6. Bottom lashes: applying mascara to your bottom lashes can open your eyes up further - to avoid making mistakes, place a layer of tissue paper underneath your eye to catch any spills.

7. Pick your formula: when buying a mascara, choose one that is formulated for your desired effect - it also works to mix different types of mascara to get the benefits of each one.

8. Try a Colour: a coloured mascara can make for a subtle change to your usual makeup look - blue mascara is known to bring out the white in eyes, and brown mascara can provide a more natural look for those with fair skin.

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