Christian Louboutin Fights Over Dior's Planned Red-Soled Heel

French shoe designer Christian Louboutin has shown in the past few months just how protective he his signature red sole - he's currently in the middle of a lawsuit with Yves Saint Laurent who sold a pair of similar red-soled heels (read the story here), and now he has hired a private investigator to find out if Dior have plans to create a red soled shoe too. According to reports, the investigator found that Dior had planned to release a red sole shoe next season. The investigator spoke to salesperson at Dior's 57th Street store, who said the fashion house was  “planning to make red-soled shoes with matching uppers for the next season.”

Christian Dior have now denied that they planned to release the shoes, and even if they were going to do so, they have probably pull the shoes from the line by now to avoid any more negative press and a potential lawsuit. Yves Saint Laurent is still facing a lawsuit however, so Louboutin's fight to keep his trademarked red sole to himself still continues. 

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