Inside Hanne Gaby Odiele's Chinatown Apartment

Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele lives in the heart of New York's bustling Chinatown. While many other models surround themselves in luxurious minimalism, Hanne's apartment is quite the opposite - she is the very definition of a hoarder. With shelves full of miscellaneous finds (anything from barbie dolls to old books and designer heels) and a wardrobe full of vintage and cutting-edge pieces. Hanne's cluttered apartment is relaxed and unique with an array of mismatched wooden furniture sprinkled throughout.

In her living room, Hanne has room to project pictures and films from her laptop to a space on the wall, while a cozy fireplace and couch complete the simple room that is also filled with shoe boxes, plants and magazines. In a way, her apartment very much reflects her personal style - a mixture of ideas, eras and colours - but it somehow comes together perfectly - even if it doesn't look orderly or tidy - Hanne's apartment is coolly disheveled with hints of her stardom surrounding her - a calender which features a photo of her hangs from one wooden cupboard.  See Hanne's street style here.

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