Christian Louboutin Will "Fight Like Hell" Against YSL

Footwear designer Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent are fighting it out over a pair of red soles: Louboutin doesn't want the company (or any other for that matter) to be able to produce shoes with his signature red colour on the soles, while Yves Saint Laurent believe they have every right to produce shoes with a red sole if they wish, despite Louboutin trademarking the idea in 2008. It is uncertain if Louboutin now may stand to lose the trademark after a court ruled that YSL may sell the shoes, but their lawsuit is yet to be settled - Louboutin is still seeking damages of $1 million. 

Now both companies are throwing around comments about the lawsuit, both saying that they won't give up on their fight. Louboutin's lawyer Harley Lewin says that he will “fight like hell to the end” on behalf of Louboutin and that the recent court ruling hasn't put him off: “Deter me? Not at all. It’s early on in the game.”

Both companies are expected to meet next Friday to discuss the lawsuit, and Louboutin must “show cause why the record of this action as it now exists should not be converted into a motion for partial summary judgment canceling Louboutin’s trademark.”

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