Freja Beha Erichsen & Georgia Jagger Cover Pop Autumn 2011

 Pop magazine has rolled out two different themes for 4 new Autumn 2011 covers. The first three covers see legendary performing artist Marina Abramović team up with Freja Beha Erichsen in a series of haunting black and white high contrast pictures with a performing arts theme. The 4th cover features Georgia Jagger who poses in a fairytale inspired setting while wearing a yellow Dior Haute Couture gown, as photographed by Gillian Wearing. 

Speaking on the collaboration with Marina Abramović, editorial director Ashley Heath explained: "We'd been wanting to do a cover project with Marina for a while now, the link-up with Freja seemed very right somehow. The dark hair/dark sexuality angle, and the fact they're both uncompromising and very choosy in what they do."

The cover which shows an upside-down Marina in full mime makeup is a limited edition hardcover copy.

Heath, speaking on each cover, commented: "You hesitate to use the word 'icon' these days, but they're both resonant female role models at a time when lowest common denominator so often rules the day."

"POP has has been exploring the notion of a very particular kind of modern fashionable woman. But it's shifting all the time in such an interesting way. There's a very liberated, new-world perspective to it and I think Marina Abramovic taps into that," Heath says. "She's a figure who will only continue to grow in influence I believe. We're thrilled she chose POP and collaborated with a legend like Freja because they both get plenty of high-profile offers."

"When we did a straw poll of the staff, she came out as the younger section's favorite artist by a mile. . . She's somewhere between cult hero and secret crush for a generation it seems." 


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