Hailey Clauson Photographer Responds, Plus See the Full Shoot

The photographer behind the controversial photo shoot (read the full story here) which features a 15-year-old Hailey Clauson has spoken on the shoot, insisting that Hailey's father approved the photos taken and that Hailey chose to pose so provocatively. Defending the photo which graced the t-shirt that sparked the lawsuit, photographer Jason Lee Parry commented to Good Morning America: "I look at it and think, 'this is a really cool shot, look at that, you can't tell me that doesn't look tough."

Alice Davis, a videographer who worked on the shoot alongside Parry commented that Clauson opted to pose in such a manner: "She's a professional model, she posed herself." Parry added that Clauson's father, who was not present for the shoot, looked through the images after and approved of them: "I flipped through the camera and I can truly say, I don't know which ones he saw, but I know he was happy." Parry added that he doesn't believe the photos are offensive because you can't see any "private parts". 

He commented: "The real question that's here, 'Is she showing anything? Is she showing private parts?' That's the real question," he said. "Now if that was the case, I would completely understand. I never thought I'd be with you now, here, on ABC, about a girl wearing shorts and a button-up shirt."

Below is a look at the full shoot which produced the controversial photograph.

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